SINCE 2008
Splotch Studio

Founded by Heath Sikkema in 2008, Splotch Studio has grown and adapted to operate remotely from multiple locations,  with a team of designers and developers who are dedicated to providing professional websites, logos, digital marketing strategies and solutions.

Splotch Studio is a small enough to care and big enough to do something about it. We keep a very close relationship with all our clients and you will always be able to speak to someone you know. Our mission is to provide you with the very best in design, creativity and service.

Splotch Studio uses WordPress as their preferred CMS (content management system).

Heath Sikkema

Digital Strategist & Project Manager

Heath started Splotch Studio back in 2008. He has a background in graphic design, web design, sales and digital marketing. Heath is passionate about innovation, creativity and helping his clients find the most effective marketing solutions for their specific needs. Heath is married, has 3 teenage children and lives in Byford, Western Australia. 


Brett Watson

Adwords Specialist

Brett is a digital marketing specialist with a passion for researching and analysing keywords and effective Google Adwords strategies and campaigns. Brett is also the Head of Digital for Pet Adoption & Sales Australia, where his expertise in SEO and Google Adwords have brought about explosive growth. Brett is based in Melbourne, VIC. 

Scott Nailon

SEO Specialist

Scott is the guy to speak to when you are looking to dominate your industry on Google. Scott draws from 15+ years industry experience in web, SEO and IT. He uses all of the latest tools to implement strategies that are rewarded by Google’s search engines (resulting in increased lead generation and sales conversions. Scott is based in Sydney, NSW. 
social media management

Georgia Benn

Social Media Specialist

Georgia specialises in Social Media Management and content creation. She has a real knack for identifying and creating engaging content that generates clicks, likes, shares and comments. She is up to speed with the latest social media software, apps and trends and will work with you to develop and execute a campaign that will engage you with new clients.  

facebook ads expert

Stephen Lean

Facebook (Meta) Ads Specialist

Steve is a Meta/Facebook specialist with over four years of experience. Steve is a meticulous media buyer, and an avid singer (as seen on the Voice 2019!). He is passionate and skilled in turning a client’s marketing budget into high revenue returns. Steve is based in Brisbane, QLD and supports Splotch Studio clients via Zoom and telephone.

Trusted Platforms.


Is your web designer holding your website to ransom? If they have built your website with “their own content management system” then it is very difficult to ever move your website or get someone new to manage it. What happens if they close their doors – who will be updating the software to keep it secure and Google friendly? Most of our websites are set up with WordPress (It is an Open Source / Free Content Management System that is used by millions of people world-wide). The beauty of this is that even if something were to happened to us, you will have all your own login details and will be able to pass them to anyone you choose to manage your website. Our clients also have the freedom to login and make their own content changes themselves. They can even add unlimited pages and photos themselves for free. This is perfect for those who start-up business who want to start with a simple, affordable, professional looking website that has the ability to grow as their business grows.

You are in control.

You will have full control and ownership of your website so that you are free to move it, change it, or pass it to your choice of webdesigner for future changes and management.

Australian Website Hosting.

Tired of using slow, overloaded servers that are located overseas? Splotch Studio provides Australian website hosting on premium servers that are not overloaded. We do it all here in Australia for faster page loading and better, relevant Australian search results. We can send you login details to your cPanel website hosting account, so that you have the direct control over your own hosting account.

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