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Structural Monitoriing Systems

ASX Listed Company Website!

Splotch Studio in Perth, Western Australia, first had the privilege of developing a website for ASX listed company, Structural Monitoring Systems (SMS), back in 2016. That website served them well, and in 2021, they came back for a new website.

The SMS company contact was based in New York, so the project involved some early morning and late night phone calls, due to the time-zone difference. So while it was snowing in New York, at Splotch Studio we were enjoying the WA sunshine through our windows as we designed and developed a new website for Structural Monitoring Systems. The new, mobile-friendly website has provided the company with a fresh, vibrant look, utilizing their existing colours and branding. To learn about the incredibly clever technology that SMS are using to monitor and protect airlines all over the world, please visit the SMS website.

Website: smsystems.com.au

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