how to find my domain name EPP code

How to Retrieve My Domain Name Password Code

It always makes it easier when clients have their hosting and domain name all in the one place with Splotch Studio. We do have clients that come to us from time to time who have their domain names registered with other companies and sometimes they have no idea where their domain name is registered, when it expires and how to login to make changes to it (like when their hosting needs to be moved to a different company or hosting server).

If your domain name is registered with Splotch Studio, you can simply phone or email (via the contact page).

There are ways to search and find where your domain name is registered and ways to retrieve your login details or your EPP code (which is required in order to transfer a domain name to a different provider – hopefully to Splotch Studio! 🙂

You can do a “whois” search and that will often reveal the contact details for the owner of the domain name, the server that it points to and sometimes the domain registration company.

You can also submit a password recovery request here:

EPP stands for Extensible Provisioning Protocol. It is required when transferring a domain name in Australia because it is a secure and standardised protocol used by domain registrars and registries to facilitate domain name transfers. EPP ensures the integrity and security of the transfer process, allowing domain owners to easily transfer their domain names between different registrars while maintaining control over their online presence. It helps streamline the transfer process, authenticate the domain owner, and prevent unauthorised transfers, ultimately ensuring a smooth and secure transition of the domain name.

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how to find my domain name EPP code

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