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Splotch Studio has just launched a new website for Sara Muir Real Estate. Animal loving real estate agent perth

When I arrived at Sara Muir’s Real Estate office in Oakford, one of the friendly staff members opened the remote-electric gate and I headed down the driveway, past where Sara’s staff had their branded vehicles parked. I was totally amazed by the beauty of the property! It was like an oasis; like a manicured golf-course resort. There was a large pond and several well kept, fenced yards containing all sorts of beautiful animals. There were alpacas, exotic birds, and even a peacock! Some sort of bandicoot scurried away from the garden bed at the entrance when I approached. I’m not sure how her team manage to get any work done when they are right in the middle of such a beautiful animal sanctuary.

I was greeted by April who welcomed me through to where Sara was working. Inside the property there were two dogs sleeping in a basket and a very friendly cat that was actively seeking my affection 🙂 Several of these pets were rescue animals, because Sara clearly has a soft-spot for animals. 

We sat down at a massive table that overlooked the grounds and Sara described what she wanted in her new website. She explained the importance of having a website that matched her vibrant brand. It needed to be easy for her team to update and to make changes. She also wanted the site to automatically pull content from the real estate network that her team upload property listings to, so that they didn’t have to manually upload the content to more than one website. After discussing these details and more, we came to an agreement and I headed back to my office in Byford to begin planning the website.

Splotch Studio was able to integrate several powerful components into a new WordPress website, together with a CronJobs command to automatically update the new website with real estate listing content from PropertyMe (a platform that feeds content through to etc…). Sara and her team were wrapped with the new website!

I’ll be heading out to this client’s beautiful office again next week to provide a live training session for Sara’s team, so that they will be able to make simple changes like updating staff bios, adding photos and changing text on their new website.

To view Sara’s new real estate website, please click on the below button/link.

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